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Advanced Push Up Board

Advanced Push Up Board

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Train Your Whole Body From Your Bedroom

This new advanced push up board allows you to train your entire upper body with just a single piece of equipment from home by simply moving the hand grips in the part of the board where you get to decide what your wanna train during your workout.

No More Wrist Or Joint Pain

Within the last decade, a new fitness product category has emerged that has revolutionized the way people do push-ups. This piece of equipment overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional push-up by removing joint and wrist stress and allowing for versatility in hand positioning. It's called the push-up board.

Improved Range Of Motion

When you perform exercises with a push-up board, you start in an elevated hand position. That allows you to lower your torso below the level of your hands. when you do this, you will experience a greater stretch through the chest muscles than if you were doing a standard push-up. That makes for more chest-focused exercises that will place greater stress on the target muscle.


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