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Finger Power And Grip Strengthener

Finger Power And Grip Strengthener

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Affordable And Portable

This Maximum quality Finger Strengthener is Small and Light Enough to Fit in Your Gym Bag or Pocket. You Can Enjoy a Workout at Work or at Leisure.

Why You MUST Train Your Grip Strength

How many times has your grip slipped or fatigued, keeping you from doing another rep or getting your max weight up?

How many times has your grip given out before other muscles when working out? i.e. forearms and/or hands fatigue during trap exercises, deadlifts or even bicep curls?

You're only as strong as your grip allows. Over half of the muscles in your body are fashioned to aid you in hanging and lifting stuff off of the ground.

Many powerful movements require carrying weight around. This involves holding onto and controlling that weight. Grip strength in check? Hope so!

Most of the time it’s your grip that exhausts first, therefore notably limiting the amount of work you can put on your pulling muscles.


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